Get to know me

As the writer of this blog, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a retired Law and Economics teacher, small business owner, someone who ran and served 8 years in a political office, and an administrator at a major corporation. I grew up in a small southern town with small town values.

I registered as a republican for my first chance to vote at 18 years of age. Over the years I almost always voted republican with very few exceptions. Over the last few years, I became disillusioned with my party because of their views and their radicalization. I am now registered as a Democrat.

I look at both sides of arguments and agree with some views from both sides.

The one thing I pride myself on is that I study things, I do not just fly off the handle like many people do today. I read, study, and get informed before I open my mouth. I wish others would do the same before they say anything.

If you agree with my views, thank you. If you do not agree, just remember they are my views and not meant as condemnation of your thoughts or beliefs.

About Trumpian Insanity
About Trumpian Insanity

My mission

What is “Trumpian Insanity” about?

It’s a place where I can put my opinions on what is happening in the world down onto paper and share with the world. People in America have changed so much over the last 6 years, and this is a way to put some thoughts about those changes on paper.

I have another site,, which is a sister site to this one.

My vision

This blog is not all about Trump. It is about the insane behavior happening in the world since Trump’s foray into politics. Included contents could be my thoughts or the thoughts of others. We are not a professional writers, so please cut a little slack.

America in Crisis
America in Crisis